Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hako25-Pure Ugly

What an ugly suite. I hate it. Someone needs to hack her account, make it pretty, and than give it back. She's so weird. I hate her hair. And worst of all, she keeps visiting my page, as if she's SPYING on me. Can she GET any weirder? Apparently, she can.

Just look at this:

EW EW EW EW EW EW EW EW!!! Even if you're not superstar, you can STILL have some decent clothes! Geez, do these people LIKE to give bad names to Stardoll? I guess they do...
Ciao Darlings.

Another Lesbo Update!

I have found yet another lesbian on Stardoll. Well, actually two. And they're both in love.



Just check out this, I have proof. By the way, Hannahfannah208 and engeng07, don't deny it. We all know what's going on with your little "love story."

Oh, and I'm sorry to say, that they deleted the comment, to try to keep it more "personal." Go to their guestbooks and congratulate them on a good marriage!


P.S. I'll have news if they break up or not. At the rate their going- they'll be living with each other till they're creepy old grandma's who scream at kids who did no harm.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sister Blog

All my blog lovers, I have a sister blog. We are best friends, and business in partners. Although we both have individual blogs, we both share the Stardoll account I have. Her blog is The account we share is sdofficial. If you want to speak to me, call me Brittany, or Bitt.If you want to talk to my sister-blog creator, then call her by her name, Becky.

Ciao my blog lovers!


Friday, November 21, 2008



Wow. That's my first thought when I see this shop hidden in the Star-Plaza. Wow. Evil Panda. What a HORRIBLE name for a shop on a website. I mean, look at it this way: If you had a one-in-a-million chance to open a boutique, would you name it EVIL PANDA? I'm sorry to all stardoll members who love this shop (aka, zanegirl90210, and devibabi) but I think this shop should be discontinued. Comment if you agree.

Philosphy Dumbness

The blue one on top is the the STUPIDEST thing I have EVER seen in my very long life, and that is NOT Alberta Ferreti. 22 STARDOLLARS FOR UGLY. Worst part is, that DUMB people who have NO life other than stardoll bought it for the sake of BUYING it. HOW DUMB?

The purple dress looks like a Christmas dress a goth 4 year old would wear. HA HA HA. NOT. Hwo stupid would it be to buy that dress when you could just anytime have me visit your suite as a visitor. HA HA HA, now THAT'S PHUNNY!

UGLIEST for last, of course. Red and blue I love you. Red and black, I hate that. What an ugly creation. I feel ASHAMED to see that Ablerta Ferreti actually PUT that in her SUITE, for public PEOPLE TO SEE. How SAD.

Alberta Ferreti, my little black rose, please take my advice for consideration. Please tell all your fellow fashion friends to never, ever go on stardoll and get your fashion line on stardoll, where they would draw it REALLY BAD. I love your work, and its AWESOME, but Stardoll made me GAG at that. FOO FOO TRASH.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Stardoll

If you just love me, then visit my page, SDofficial. It's amazing, because I am. Please visit it. You can comment on this post if you have any ideas of what my next article should be about, or you can do that on my stardoll gb. Either way, I don't really care. Also, please become a follower of this blog. I would really appreciate it!